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Festive Season
De Bijenkorf

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Let's celebrate the holidays season!

One of the Netherlands largest and most prestigious warehouse chains known as “De Bijenkorf” (The Beehive) Launched a new campaign to start of the festive season. This year’s campaign hero is called “Robbiii” A small Robot with human characteristics. Programmed to bring people together. He does this on the basis of ancient old stories about love, togetherness, friendship and connectedness. Stories for the young and elderly, large and small, where nothing is impossible. These magics stories gave the christmas feeling of “De Bijenkorf” during the festivities of 2019.


Bringing a digital robot to life

The Outpost was broad on board by New Amsterdam Filmcompany.  The challenge; bringing Robbiii to life and give this robot, human characteristics. To create a believable story it was key to get the integration with the life-action material spot on. All the materials on Robbiii required subtle but believable, it was key that Robbiii was to be liked and believed by a broad audience.


For this classic story to be told, there needed to be the creation of a character. In our futuristic setting, this character was a little robot called ‘Robbiii’.

look development

Important for the believably of this fully CGI character, is that the materials of the robot look and feel realistic. This involves little scratches and imperfections in the surface. But also the way lights reflects at certain angles.


The way a character moves is defined by the rigging, allowing an animator to actually bring Robbiii to life.


De Bijenkorf



Post Production

The Outpost


De Grot


Victor D. Ponten

Executive Producer Ads

Yvonne Knook


Laura Hannewijk

VFX Producer

Rick Franssen

Production manager

David Vis

Offline editor

Patrick Schonewille


Aziz Al-Dilami

Music company

Massive Music

Music producer

Auke Riemersma

Sound Studio

Sauvage Sound

Voice Over

Alain Clark

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