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Binck bank's investing expertise

Agency “Superheroes” invited us to participate in Binck bank’s new online commercial. Binck bank is an award winning smart investment bank. Their online platform has numerous of intelligent options to make investing easy and low-risk for everyone.

The challenge that we were met with, a very quick production from start to finish in two weeks. This meant, short shoot preperation, and very little postproduction time. Our team managed to meet this demanding project in a smooth ride. It required working very closely with director Menno Fokma and the client to maximize the amount of feedback and iterations we could do in this short time frame.


Creating a concept with a vision

To visualize a seemingly complex product we kept in close contact with the client and director Menno Fokma. To keep shoot costs economic we always strive to previsualize the shoot. Menno created the Animatic as a guide to give everyone the direction he was looking for.

Another challenge, was animating the numerous unique blocks in a way that would not distract the viewer from the message. We tried numerous different techniques and developed a system that made this turnaround of different visual styles short. In the end, we decided on the simplest technique.

Proof of concept

The base lay-out for the scene was created to get a feel for proportion and steps, depicting the roadmap which an invesment goes through. The investment market is always on the move, and behaves in an organic manner.

look development

with an idea of the concept and what the client wants, we start creating the visual world in which the campaign will live. This is a result of that process.


Take a look under the hood.

A material library needed to be developed. Binck’s main color scheme consists of black, grey and green. Numerous different types of materials were created to make a coherent and rich look. Without having the feeling of repetition in the end result.

A continuation on the process

The shoot took place in the beautiful characteristic warehouse “de Patronage”. VFX supervisor Rick Franssen ensured all shots were optimised for post production.


VFX, compositing and grading: bringing it all together.

There is a lot more to post production, besides 3D animation than meets the eye. All elements that are unwanted are brushed away, sets are extended, and 3D animations are merged to get to the end result.


The results of the journey.

In the end we delivered an online TVC, stills for a print campaign, and extensive interview video to explain their product in depth.


Binck bank




Menno Fokma

Post Production

The Outpost



VFX Production

The Outpost

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