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The concept for this commercial was relatively simpel: in one continuous shot, following one train trough a landscape from point A to point B, we show how quickly and easy a long distance train-journey can be.

The production however was much more complicated than it looked on the face of it. Giving us challenges in need of solving to stay true to the original concept.


For this project we had to create a overall look and feel from the ground up. Whilst there was a concept in terms of story. There hadn’t been any moodboards and concept art yet.
In collaboration with the director we first set off to create styleframes.

stylization and realism

The entire commercial was CGI, blending a stylized with realistic look.


To create a sense of a believable world, extra movement was added to things like bushes.


One of the challenges we had to face was having to deliver 10 different versions for this commercial, with each having different timings, aspect ratio’s and difference in locations.
In order to still turn around changes quickly, we head to create a custom workflow which allowed us to do focus on artistic choices instead of pure project-management.





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