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Heineken Go Places

Production company Wefilm invited us to create vfx for Heineken’s state of the art recruitment film. Next to a manifesto video, the campaign revolves around an interactive ‘job interview’, leading candidates in 12 unusual questions to a personality profile. It gives them a sense of the unique personality of HEINEKEN as an employer, but also learn something about their own personality and a possible fit with the company’s culture. The profile can be shared on social media or added to a job application. Not to be used to select the candidate per se, rather as an icebreaker in the real interview.


On set, ventilators were used to make the computer generated brewing tanks interact with the actors. The waving clothes and hair of the actors makes the scene much more believable.

Models & materials

Heineken wanted to have the CG objects in the film to be as close to the real thing as possible. Therefore we studied the brewing tanks carefully to get the most obvious bits and bolts as close as we could.


The bottle scene

Since Heineken represents numerous brands throughout the world, it was important to show of the scale of their business. We received (not unfortunately) a lot of beers which we then scanned to get all the unique labels on the bottles.








Lennart Verstegen


Rutger Storm

Post Production

The Outpost

Post Production | Grade

The Compound

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