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Joolz Day Sense

Joolz, the premium pushchair brand, asked us to produce digital content for the campaign surrounding the launch of their new line of products. The cuddle cloths are foldable into numerous cute animal shapes.

The core focus was on establishing a mood and conveying the look and feel of the product.

Realistic Materials

All materials and textures had to look very real and tactile and were based on their real-world counterparts. A lot of time went into researching, searching for references and scanning in fabrics.

A CG cloth father bird learning a baby bird how to fly
CG bird parents looking after their fabric egg
The Devil is in the Details

Fabrics feel soft and fuzzy because of the way that they are made up out of tiny interwoven fibers that stick out of the surface. An example of we recreated that look and feel in CG is the intimate scene where the parents watch over their fabric egg.


A peak behind the scenes

To give a little insight into what is involved with the production process of fully CG production like Joolz Day Sense, we present you with a little behind the scenes with this technical breakdown.

Joolz Day Sense CG Wireframe overlay
Joolz Day Sense CG
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Art Direction & CG Production

The Outpost

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The Compound

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