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Joolz Paperworld

Pushchair manufacturer Joolz asked us to help share their story. The video tells the way customers can lease and customize pushchairs to fit their needs. The folding paper shows the constantly changing environments and associated needs of a pushchair that come along with those environments.

Paper assets

Lots of research went into the shape language of the paper world. Where do folds go and how far can paper be taken to create a shape without losing its readability. Simplicity in shapes and comparison to the real world was therefore key.

Imperfection makes perfect

To take away the computer generated feel of the assets and textures, it was key to create to objects with imperfections. These imperfections mimic what objects do in the real world and therefore make them more believable.


A peak behind the scenes

We love giving more insight in the production proces. As can be seen below, lots of custom assets were build en rigged for animation. The different scenes were then carefully composit and stitched together to make all transitions seemless.

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The Outpost & The Compound

Art Direction & CG Production

The Outpost


The Compound

Music & Sound Design

Foxhole Music


Pieter Colombijn

Award winning short film Endtrip
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