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The briefing for this campaign outlined as follows: displaying relatively abstract, but striking visuals. Revealing the iconic Grolsch brand that we know from it’s distinct forms and colors.
We gave shape to this by using extreme close ups, with camera-movements dynamically revealing parts of the bottle, until pulling back and showing the bottle in it’s entirety.


At the center of this commercial was the well known Grolsch bottle, with it’s notorious red-ringed bottle cap. Creating this required detailed texturing and shading, yet making it look fresh and clean.


For the glass it was key that we got the way a bottle refracts and reflects light, correct. It also needed to work for close ups, which involved lots of testing and R&D.


Crafting this bottle required the pleasant task to open a few ourselves. This to gather reference for modelling, shading and simulation which was necessary and crucial to deliver the visuals that people would associate with the Grolsch brand.


A peak behind the scenes




Czar Amsterdam


Giancarlo Sanchez

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