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Select Sector SPDR's tailors investing to your personal goals and stategies

With milions of customers, the SPDR’s fund categorizes the S&P 500 stock market into eleven index funds. These sectors are categorized into their own markets. Such as (XLC) Communication services, (XLE) energy, (XLV) Health care, (XLI) Industrials and so on.

We helped SPDRs to create a world that reflects all the aspects that suit their business and goals. Both their innovative, economic and reliable services are translated into a set of 3 commercials and additional campaining materials. The result; a recognizable brand in touch with their target audience.


The Challenge; build upon a legacy of our own designed and created elements.

Building further upon the previous SPDRs commercials we did. A new series of commercials were developed in a different style explaining SPDRs product. This time we developed numerous building blocks and 3 dimensional puzzle objects consisting from a whole range of different materials. One of many challenges, was to produce an orginised and well structured world which is easy to read, and makes their complex product understandable.

Creating a world of materials

In the early stages of production, one of the key aspects is to create a proof of concept. In other words, can we make it work.

Look development

By trying different materials and temporary models we can funnel what works, and what does not.


Creating, mixing, sketching and shading. Take a look under the hood

We love a good process to make sure we deliver. To achieve the best result. Our team works closely together to get the ‘awh’effect in every detail we build and animate.

It all starts with an idea. We’ll tag along and make sure we can visualize the impossible. This starts with textures, shapes and first mood impressions (styleframes). When the style is set, we make sure moving images and video is mapped out to be enriched with our VFX.

In our composing phase, everything comes together. Our animated 3D models will be combined with all other material to make one coherent (custom colored) visual story.

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Building SPDRs sectors

SPDRs has created 11 sectors. Each sector has numerous assets to create a rich worlds that are easily recognisable.

Distinction between worlds

We added distinctive colors to each sector to make them stand out

Build up

VFX, compositing and color grading; bringing everything together

To get the moving objects to ingegrate as believable as possible with the actress. Real discs were created as reference for her to hold on to. In post production we would then do a “motion track” or “match move”. Both terms mean that we try to mimic the movement of the actress holding the disc and replicate it in our 3D software.

All these scenes and worlds, or so called ‘render layers’are merged together by out compositor to create the final look and integration with the live-action plate.


The Result; a series of 4 animations, each ofussing on a different branch of investments.

The whole campaign encompasses three television commercials next to an extensive print campaign.
It’s success has been recognized by winning multiple awards.

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Spot 3


The third commercial focusses on the technology sector by SPDRs.

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Select Sector SPDRs

Production Company





Martijn Hogenkamp

Post Production

The Outpost



VFX Producer

Rick Franssen

Executive producer

Marcel Vrieswijk

Agency producer

Kierston Kamps

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