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SBA NYC invited us to participate in a pitch for a series of TVC’s and prints for SPDRs new campain. Together with PlusOne Amsterdam we won this pitch. Resulting in a beautifully and detailed VFX animation telling their complex investment product, in an understanable and engaging way.




The environment

The library environment was chosen to depict the wide knowledge needed for such a complex product. The books containing this knowledge unfold and visualy depict the story throughout uniquely designed worlds. Each stack of books displaying the sectors defined by SPDRs.

The challenge

Although we have dealt with complex scenes in past “paper” technique related CG projects. This commercial fully challenged our pipeline which led us to write multiple scripts for our software to speed up the workflow. We were Dealing with 12 unique worlds, all with unfolding books, numerous assets which had to be animated each in their own way.

Technical development

A rigging system was developed by our team to make the tedious workflow of animating the paper elements a lot quicker.

Set supervision

How to plan in advance

Beforehand we carefully planned the shoot. In advance we build the set in 3D so the whole crew knew it advance what to expect. We are always present during complex shoots, to ensure a smooth and comfortable walk through.

look development

Each of the twelve sectors contained their own unique graphic designs and 3D models

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High Quality

Print campaign

Next to the television commercials, a print campaign ran simultaneously. For print its key to have very high definition models and textures to be supported by large billboards.


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