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Tommy Hilfiger

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Tommy Sport

For a brand new campaign for Tommy Hilfiger, releasing a new clothing-line called ‘Tommy Sport’ we are asked to create dynamic, fully CGI created shots. The concept-brief was as follows:
“The film will feature a mix of real-world footage and animated technical aspects. The animation features dynamic movement, with time switching from fast to super slow to add a more dramatic feel.”

editing freedom

For every shot there was an idea of the feature it needed to convey. Although timing and editing wise we had to leave some room for the editor to play around with. This ment we created shots with a given length, which were later to be cut up in the edit.

technical challenges

Every shot had it’s own technical challenges meeting specific notes from the director and vision from the client.

look development

Apart from the features to be distinct, we also had to stay very close and true to the actual products. This process involved photographing and scanning the reference materials.


Tommy Hilfiger



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