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The Rituals of Tsuru

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The mythe of Tsuru

According to the ancient Japanese legend of Tsuru no Ongaeshi, the crane is a mystical creature, believed to live for a thousand years. Representing fortune and longevity, this majestic bird is thought to bring wisdom, hope, a long life and happiness. Traditional tales promise that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish by the gods and eternal good luck.

Inspired by this charming folklore, beauty and wellness brand, Rituals, commissioned a mood-film to symbolise the joy and peace their winter collection is designed to evoke.


The inside story

Conceptualised by Rituals’ Art Director, Dagmar Brusse, and freelance director, Menno Fokma, the whimsical setting was infused with Japanese influences, providing the perfect surrounding for a thousand paper cranes to flourish. The mood-film was executed and produced by New Amsterdam Film Company. In close collaboration with all these professionals we managed to pull of all the animation and visual effects in this wonderful production. The result? A beautifully shot, exceptionally crafted mood-film that makes you believe in the magic of folklore. The campaign has had huge reach with two of the commercials being aired across some of the biggest cinema’s in Europe along with a number of print campaigns.

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We deliver beautiful shots that can be edited and tweaked in great detail by the director and client, giving them ultimate control. This way we strive for a result that fully satisfies to achieve a unique piece of art instead of just another commercial.”


Take a look under the hood

Adding that layer of magic requires all kinds of technical and creative tricks. Take a look at how we brought this magical commercial to life.


Numerous unique animations were blended together to give every bird a life of its own – a huge undertaking and challenge. This was important though, to ensure all the movements felt natural and not simply copied.

Look development

We have worked on a lot of computer generated paper projects in the past so we knew more or less what to expect. Nevertheless, we ensured we had the real thing in front of us to research all the little details such as paper textures, the way light behaves on the surface, and how these objects move, firsthand.


Take a deeper peak into our proces

To pull off our high standards, The Outpost team endeavoured to be on set wherever possible. “Presence during a shoot is key for us. CGI is quite a time consuming craft so being able to advise the director on how best to shoot in order to aid the post production process is essential, not only to help the project stay within budget, but to ensure that all the shots can be created in the highest possible quality. For the Rituals film, we placed tracking markers across the set to get the best possible result in post production

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Creative Director

Dagmar Brusse

Producer Rituals

Wendelien Hijdra


Menno Fokma

Executive Producer

Chantal Gulpers


Laura Hannewijk

Line Producer

Marlies Huisman


Stef Kwinten

Art Direction

Esther Meijer


Gert-Willem Visser


De Grot

Post Production

The Outpost

Music and Sound


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