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Jean Tinguely

The idea for a minute long, single shot – commercial with lots of vfx was very exciting. A technical challenge, which we like. But above all the idea of working with work from sculpture-artist ‘Jean Tinguely’ and delving into his world was a great prospect.
And so the work for this campaign to promote an art exhibition started.

Set supervision

Set supervision was very important for this commercial. First of all was getting data from the film-set, in terms of measurements and lighting. This was needed to integrate the CGI-created sculptures at a later stage.

Look devolpment

The machine-sculptures had to look and feel realistic. This involved creating highly detailed, hand painted-textures.


Rigging is the process of making the object able to move the way it should do.


Apart from the sculptures looking realistic, they also had to move in a believable way. After rigging, it was up to the animators to actually move the sculptures to bring life to them. Just as Jean Tinguely did with the original ones.

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Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam


Tommie Geraedts


Mals Media


Paul Özgür

1st A.D.

Lotte Schmidt

Post Production

The Outpost




De Deluiderij

Sound Design


A wide view of a landscape made of cloth
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