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Our services; what do we do.

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High-end 3D productions

We are a dedicated team of VFX designers, 3D animators, compositors and producers specialized in high-end 3D productions. Cartoon like animations as Finding Nemo are not our thing. We are experts in producing credible and realistic animations. Our style is realism. We use genuine materials and create tangible animations people can identify with, making them forget it is not real. Our signature is to create a new real. Seeing is believing.

| 3D Animation & stills
We create brand new worlds in motion from scratch.

| Visual effects
We enrich filmed footage in a 3D environment, and add new elements. By adding our realistic 3D animations into a live filmed context, we make it even more real.

| Product renders
We make high definition product renders for campaigns.

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Concept visualization

Our specialty is to make the translation from a creative idea into a visual idea. This is key to create unique visual worlds and deliver one-of-a-kind productions. A fundamental step we take in all our projects.

Additionally, we offer visual advice and support for concepts that still need to be translated into a film, commercial or images. We make style frames and an animatic to support the Directors or Creatives interpretation. We also offer visual support for shoot preparation and advice during shoots on camera movements and shots.

03 -

Challenging your perception.

Challenging your perception with a free of charge consultation. Do you think an idea is impossible to make? Too expensive to produce? Do you want to explore the visual possibilities of an idea or concept? Just call Rick. He will be happy to show you how it can be done.

04 -

The Impossible

Looking for something that has never been seen before? Give us carte blanche. We love to create new visual worlds for you.

Our workflow

Every process is tailor made

to best suit your needs.

We design a tailor made process to suit your needs. It is possible you don’t need all our services and just need us for concept visualization or visual support.

This is to give you a clear picture of our entire production process from A to Z.

Give us a call.

Or send us an email. We’re happy to hear from you whether you are a creative, director, producer, client or anything in between. We love to explain how we can help and create value for your project.

Deliverable: advice about the visual possibilities of a concept.


Once we start a project, we first get to know each other and define our end-goal. Then start our journey together.

Deliverable: clear end-goal translated in a key visual, storyboard or style frame.

Concept visualization.

This is our specialty and a key phase in any project. The visual translation of a creative idea or concept into a storyboard, style frames and animatic. The storyboard is the narrative with key images. The style frames are a more accurate end result in terms of style and mood. The animatic is a rough and grey version of the full video that will give us a good impression of the timing and composition

Deliverables: storyboard, style frames and animatic

Production process: guidance at every step.

From the start, the development of an animatic and style frames to visualize our end-goal. To the first proposed version of the animation, to the main version, pre-final and final. All in close collaboration, so everyone is involved in the choices we make along the way.

Final product.

We hand over the project to your team and stay available for further guidance and support. And needless to say, always ready to start a new project together.

Deliverable: The final version as a high res video file in any format and size you like.

Rick - VFX Producer and Founding Partner
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